K-POWER DM4000 HV DIGITAL DC SERVO. 54KG / 0.11S (All Metal geared)

When compared to other 'Branded' Largescale servos, these are a fraction of the cost
and in many cases, will offer better torque and power also!

The large scale servo for steering/ throttle & brake

6-bolt housing top ensures optimal alignment of the all metal gears!

The K power DM4000 Power has a 15 teeth drive shaft spline as per the following servos:

  • Multiplex Rhino
  • Hitec 805
  • Savöx SV-0236MG
  • Spektrum S9010 and S9020
  • LOSB 0886 S901T (original Losi 5ive-T + B + Desert MTXL throttle/brake servo)
  • LOSB 0884 S900S (original Losi 5ive-T + B + Desert MTXL steering servo)


  • Classification: large scale servo
  • Dimensions L x W x H (mm): 65.8 x 30 x 57.4
  • Output shaft: 8 mm diameter, 15T
  • Operating voltage: 6 Volt / 7.4 / 8.4 volts
  • Torque 42kg-cm/6.0V; 50kg-cm/7.4V; 54kg-cm/8.4V   -   579oz-in/6.0V; 689oz-in/7.4V; 744oz-in/8.4V
  • Speed 0.155sec/60°/6.0V; 0.13sec/60°/7.4V; 0.115sec/60°/8.4V
  • Number of ball bearings: 2
  • Gears: all metal gears, 6-bolt housing
  • Seals : 4 (splash proof)
  • Silicone cable: with universal connector, 300 mm long
  • Weight: 146 grams

We advise using the included grommets when installing this servo.
When installing the K-Power DM4000 as a throttle servo in the Losi DBXL,
you have to raise the linkage lever by putting two M4 washers between lever and pedestal to ensure the lever will clear the servo.

In addition, the servo can be installed without rubber grommets (like the stock servo).

After installation, servo travel must be re-adjusted.

  • 1 x 4 sided servo arm. 55 mm total length
  • 1 x 50 mm long single sided servo arm
  • 4 x guide sleeves
  • 4 x rubber grommets
  • 4 x mounting screws

RC-CAR-ONLINE did a nice demo of these servos under human load! 

Link: Video link of K-Power DM4000 under load

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K-POWER DM4000 HV DIGITAL DC SERVO. 54KG / 0.11S (All Metal geared)

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