Large Scale Work Stand: 5IVE-T,MINI WRC, DBXL, HPI - DYNT7000 - *'Used but like New'

This is a ‘one off’ gem that you’ll be unlikely to get another opportunity to get your hands on as they are no longer available and were hard to get hold of when they were available.

This stand has never been ‘worked’ on or used outside or in the field. It was purely assembled and used to display a model on it with in the physical store. The top work plate was protected before a model placed on it, so the whole stand looks 99% as good as it did the day it arrived. There is the tiniest of marks here and there, but unless you get up close and scrutinise it, you’d be hard pressed to find them. Most of these marks were already on it from new to be fair, probably due to heavy parts and not enough packaging, but we have packed this better than the manufacturer did, so will not get further marked during shipping. *This has been re-boxed in unoriginal packaging.

Includes the original manual that came with the stand and all hardware. You may or may not need to source a small washer or two, but nothing more.

The giveaway that tells you it is not brand new is via the stand centre poles, where the male pole passes through the female platforms apertures (metal on metal abrasion). Here the paint has work from the steel, but when assembled, this is not visible. Also, the ‘tool and parts’ platform that sits below the car platform has some surface scratches, - although only in the black paint and not down to the steel, from standing on surfaces when not on the centre pole.  These are on the underside, so not visible either when being used as a standalone desktop stand or indeed when used on the centre stand.

As these are like ‘hens teeth’ we are not giving it away, which is reflected in the price.

The price includes FREE SHIPPING on this is large and heavy item. It will be via 5 day courier and insured.

If you would like to have the pictures emailed to you in order to be able to inspect the stand better as the stores pics are not particularly large, then please use the ‘contact us’ procedure to request them.

A one off and is on a first come, first serve basis.

Key Features

  • Universal Mount Accommodates Many of the Most Popular Large Scale Vehicles
  • Includes a tool/parts tray that can be used with the free standing unit or in the home or shop as the base for a bench top work stand
  • Folds up for easy transport
  • Adjustable height
  • Car fixture plate rotates 360°
  • Car fixture plate flips to 90° allowing easier access to screws on the bottom of the chassis.
  • Durable powdercoat finish
  • All steel construction


Make it easier than ever to work on your large scale RC car or truck with the Dynamite Large Scale Work Stand. The universal mounting plate clamps your chassis to the base, making it possible to turn and tilt your vehicle to the most convenient position possible, allowing you access to the innermost workings of your car or truck. The Large Scale Work Stand can also be converted into two different configurations. The first is a traditional free-standing configuration with the included legs attached. The second configuration allows you to use the Work Stand as a separate bench-top unit. The all-steel construction features a durable powder coated finish that is both good looking and long lasting. Best of all the Large Scale Work Stand Folds up for easy transportation making it easy to transport from your workshop to the racetrack and back. Work smarter, not harder thanks to the Dynamite Large Scale Work Stand!

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Dynamite Large Scale Work Stand - Ideal for Losi 5IVE-T / HPI Baja / Losi DBXL, Etc - Ex -display - (Used but like New).

  • Brands Dynamite
  • Product Code: DYNT7000
  • Availability: 2 - 3 Days
  • £249.00

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