Wheelie bar with suspension for 2WD + 4WD models

Removed from a custom build, this is a heavy duty wheelie bar which incorporates a HD bush (like you'd find on a 1/1 scale family car's wishbone).

It has a little 'give', so won't be sending shock waves through your car as the front wheels leave the floor.

Whilst this wheelie bar was originally manufactured for several 5th scale cars, you will need to modify you baja rear chassis by means of drilling two small holes in order to bolt it on. We counter sunk our holes but if you are not running with the plastic undertray, then you can use bolts rather than countersunk screws (M5). This is very easy to do and this was indeed removed from a baja as can be seen in the pictures.

It comes supplied with the 2 no. M5 countersunk screws.

Here's the written description from RC-car-online's website if you don't want to follow the link below yourself :-

Wheelie bar with double ball raced wheel, cnc-machined from high strength alloy. The arm has a rubber suspension unit, the height is infinitely adjustable. The suspension allows for a maximum deflection of 30 degrees and is dirt- and mud-proof. The wheel bearings are sealed.

The unit fits FG Monster Truck, Monster Beetle and Marder BigFoot. Installation on other models will be possible, but requires modifications to the chassis, mainly to accept the bolt pattern. The Carson Attack already has the correct pattern.

Further information and a video can be found via this link at RC-car-online's website - 


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Wheelie bar with suspension for 2WD + 4WD models

  • £60.00

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