Pitbull-RC "Tight Bite" Inner Wells for HPI baja 5T


Pitbull-RC "Tight Bite" inner wells for your HPI Baja 5T.

These HD wells offer you more fun and 90% less cleaning!

Now you can drive when others stop.

These easy to mount/remove inner wells will save you lots of time cleaning your car after driving.

They almost completely enclose all the 'open areas' where mud and crud enter, which is always around the wheel arches.

They are Super Heavy duty and will not tear or rip and keep their form perfectly.

> More fun , less cleaning , more protection , less wear.

> No more birds nest inside the car ! Perfect for grass terrain

> Better handling with the weight direct above the wheels

> No bolts, glue, or whatsoever, just push fit them on !

> Your car will be protected against water, grass, gravel, dirt, snow etc.

> The trim saves your tires - The sharp edge of the body can cut your tires.

> It protects your servos and battery box, air filter and carb from rocks, mud and water.

> You can swap them onto a new body whenever you want.

> The provided extra trim for the big gap saves your hands from being ripped open on top by the sharp edge of the body.

> You can make your own adjustments to them if needed.

> Hand made to create a perfect fit

> Great aesthetic appearance.

These inner wells fit the following bodies:
Stock HPI 5T body
Stock HPI Savage 5T body
Woodster lidz 5T body
Proline Trofeo 5T body
Proline Desert Rat 5T body ( is about a inch too long on the rear, but that can be easily trimmed)

They do NOT fit the TT widebodys.

'Rene, owner of Pitbull RC had to give up the RC hobby due to premature ill health. 

Therefore, what we have in store are quite literally the last that will ever be produced'. 

We would like to wish him well...



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Pitbull RC "Tight Bite" Inner Wells for HPI baja 5T (RRP £92.99) *ON SALE £47.00

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