• Hostile Racing "Lightweight" One-Piece Rear Hub Carrier Set - 3 Degree


                       Hostile Racing "Lightweight" One-Piece Rear Hub Carrier Set - 3 Degree


Hostile is proud to announce their first billet offering.
One piece rear hub carriers offer several advantages over the stock plastic carriers. 

* No more cracked hubs. 
* Tough and durable. 
* The ball end of the upper control arm is rotated 90 degrees and fully captured for strength and smooth articulation.
* Available in 4, 3, 2 and 0 degrees. The buggies like 4 degrees. The trucks like 2 or 3 degrees and 0 degree is for the dune guys.
* 3-4 grams lighter than the stock hub assembly.
* While these parts are designed for function, they also add bling!

The standard "lightweight" version uses the stock 24mm wheel bearings.

Heavy-Duty "Big Bearing" version now available:

Heavy-Duty "Big Bearing" version also available:

Heavy duty rear hub carriers with oversized bearings.

The larger bearings last longer and better handle the power of heavily modded and 62cc motors.

The bearing size is common and available in a variety of qualities and prices.

Bearing weights:
(2) 12mm x 24mm = .7 oz
(2) 12mm x 28mm = 1.4 oz
Hubs with bearings weights:
Lightweight version = 2.7 oz
Big Bearing version = 3.6 oz

Sold as a set of two (2) hubs.
Bearings not included and are available in store.
Optional bearing press tool available:
For "lightweight" standard size tool, or HD for the bigbore size tool.

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Hostile Racing "Lightweight" One-Piece Rear Hub Carrier Set - 3 Degree

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