Wire Stripping precision Tool - 14-24AWG


These will not just strip insulator accurately, but will also accurately slice apart 'ribbon' servo wire to separate them individually.

In addition to this, they come with some 'fine' nosed crimpers on the end, so you can gently manipulate gold terminal ends, to ensure they slide perfectly into your choice of housing plug.

Use this tool to handle both small R/C wire (including fine Heli wire), but also heavy gauge wire for your batteries and electric motors.

This tool has a convenient locking tab that holds it closed so you can store it away or put it in your pocket.

The tool is spring loaded for single handed 'ease of use'.

Every single one comes from the factory with perfectly ground sharp blades with no burrs or imperfections.

If you don't have a good stripping tool in your arsenal, this is a must buy.

These are perfect for all R/C applications, 1/5th scale and finer wire too, like many wires used in helicopters.

This one is also useful in and around the home too. These strip the insulation away from wire with pin point accuracy and is crisp and clean everytime.

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Wire Strippers - 14-24AWG

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