• Hostile Racing Black Axle Boots (Natural Rubber)


HOSTILE RACING Black axle Boots - Natural Rubber

*Only 100% Silicone grade grease to be used with these boots due to the nature of natural rubber.

We are proud to announce the new axle boots from Hostile Racing Products. For use with the 5B and 5T (22mm).

A distinctive feature of these boots is the "shock absorbing" edge. You will notice the bulge on the boots.

When using HPI drive cups, they are designed to act as shock absorbers that will displace the energy of

rocks and debris rather than create an immediate pinch that causes the cuts in the currently available boots.

As an added bonus, they allow for easy fitment of the ringed versions of axle cups such as Turtle Racing,

the new Phatdad cups, FLM and others.

Please understand that nothing lasts forever and if a rock gets between the drive cup and the arm,

the boot can be cut regardless of the material used. Our boots are still a significant improvement over

the stockers and great value.

For ease of installation, if you are running aftermarket axles with removable pins,

be sure to remove the pins for a much easier install. 

An installation instruction video is available at: http://hostileracingproducts.com/boots.htm

Due to a wide variety of drive cups and axle combinations, please read the following

information for tips on using our boots for your application.

Turtle/Phatdad drive cups: Trim off complete undercut at open end of boot.

You will see this ring of material inside the large open end of the boot.

The large reinforcing ring seats into the boot and moves the boot inward requiring more

material to be removed from open end of the boot to prevent the boot from rubbing the bearing.

The boot is now held in place by the ring seating itself into the radiused bulge.

Sold as a set of four (4) boots.

Here is the manufacturer suggested installation method when using aftermarket axles:

To install the boots:
-Remove pins
-Fully grease inside of first axle boot
-Pull first boot on with large end first until the small end passes over the ball end.

Once pulled on, slide it to the other end and you have completed that side.
-Turn second boot inside out and fully grease the inside(outside before turning inside out)
-Pull on same as the first boot.
-Once installed onto axle past the ball, turn the boot right side out, fill with grease and you are ready to go.

Important information regarding use with Dark Soul "Toobz":  

The trimming required for use with "Toobz" eliminates the locating feature that places the shock

absorbing feature of our boots in the proper location.

Using this combination may affect the function of the boots.


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Hostile Racing Black Axle Boots (Natural Rubber)

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