These have been out with track racers for 6 months plus, - in the testing and are working great.

A simple way to lower your ride for the track to approx. 2cm all round.

Internal Limiters have plenty of 'give' so will not put excessive strain onto your shafts.

Will fit all 6mm Shock shafts, but are designed to work with ss/rtr Stock springs only.

Using them with 'stiffer' or 'aftermarket' springs, may result in uneven, or undesired ride height.


*Easy to fit… Just remove shock shafts from shocks – remove piston and slip on the limiters. Smaller ones on the fronts, - Larger on the rears.

* See notes below before re-assembly*.

*Limiters work best when the springs are fully wound out.

*Advice from the track racers at Brooklands raceway, - 'springs should be left as loose as possible', so that the front end can easily be pushed to the ground. Your baja will ‘hug’ the track better.

*These cannot be used with any other springs than STOCK ss/rtr springs, otherwise the ride height may be too high, as the stronger springs will compress the limiters too much.

*Please omit the ss shock sponge damper bushes if you have them installed. The older ss shocks never had them in the kits, but some of the newer ones do. These could affect the ride height as they are quite thick and the Limiters will do the dampening process instead, having the ‘give’ that the sponge dampers provide.

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Baja shock Limiters (Internal)

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