• Male Gold Terminals (15 pcs)

Male Gold Terminals

These terminals fit all of the housings we sell, including the Futaba J and Universal/JR servo connector housings.

We reccomend using one of our crimping tools (When available) to crimp these.

You could also solder them if you desire, although crimping is much easier.

After making hundreds of servo connectors over the years, we found that a lot of time was wasted breaking the terminals off of the strip that they're supplied on (they're manufactured and typically sold on a strip/reel).

We also found that most people remove the terminals by twisting them back and forth until the metal breaks. This can result in an 'obtrusion' on the back of the terminal, making it more difficult to slide it into the housing.

Just as bad, if you have any significant quantity of terminals on a strip, it constantly gets snagged up on itself like barbed-wire. We circumvent this whole mess and clean-cut all of our terminals off of the reel and supply them in ready to use.

No tangly strip, much more compact, and easier to use!

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Male Gold Terminals (15 pcs)

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